The French Bread

French Bread

A French bread called "BAGUETTE"

virada-japan French Bread

French Bread French Bread French Bread

What do we need:


2 salad bowls

1 kitchen spatula named "MARYSE" in France

1 table spoon

1 tea spoon

2 tea clothes

1 pair of scissors

A scale

A oven

French Bread


300 grams of flour

1 pack of yeast

1 tea spoon of salt

280 ml of water at room temperature

virada-japan French Bread


Step one:

Take a balance and weigh 300 grams of flour.

Put the flour in a salad bowl.

Add one pack of yeast

Add one tea spoon of salt

Mix these three elements with a table spoon

Step two:

Add 280 ml of water at room temperature


Step three:

Add some flour to make a ball.

And put this ball inside the second salad bowl.

virada-japan French Bread

Covert it with a tea clothe.

virada-japan French Bread


virada-japan French Bread

Warm you oven at 250 degrees for 70 minutes.

Add some flour on the top of your preparation and stir it smoothly

Put a Bakery paper on the top of the oven's tray.

Put the bread's preparation on the top and give it a "BAGUETTE" shape.

With the scissors make some slots on the top.

Put the bread's preparation inside the oven.

Inside the oven, spray the bread with water and close the door.

Do the same thing every 15 minutes.

50 minutes to 1 hour later:

Stop the oven.

Take the bread outside the oven.

Put the bread in a plate and cover it with a tea clothe.

That's it. Your bread is done; BRAVO.

Please watch the video on the top of this document. Thank you for watching. Have a nice bread!

French Bread French Bread

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